Friday, November 11, 2011

Finding passion in life

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Ever had the feeling that you were meant to do or be something more?  Do you feel lost and overwhelmed in the day to day grind?  When was the last time that you were happy- truly happy?

Often times we take a job or choose a career because it is what pays the bills, but where does that leave us on an emotional and/or spiritual level?  If you think that your job has no affect on your happiness, well-being or even relationships with your family and friends- think again.  What we do in life matters- every thing we do in life matters.  While I'm not asking you to go and quit your job tomorrow, I am asking you to explore what you are passionate about.  Without passion and fire what are we left with?  I imagine a mouse on wheel just running and running getting nowhere.  We are meant to be and do so much more than just that!

Now is the time to explore and find out what makes you happy, because I guarantee if you start doing those things your life will change.  This might mean that you have a job that isn't your favorite, but you start to pick up hobbies that you enjoy.  Who knows where this might lead you?                                 Well, actually I know...

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...a more happy, less stressed, and more relaxed existence.  Sometimes it takes us getting into this state of mind to realize what life is really about.  Perhaps you may decide to look for another job, or maybe you find new joys in the one you already have.  Either way, don't throw your life away into a passion-less existence- you deserve so much more!

I wish you health, joy and much abundance,
Elizabeth Cappelletti, MA, LMFT
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